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Monogrammed Mouse Pads

I attended a convention this summer and as is almost always the case, you end up with a few promotional items to bring home.  I was happy to see that this time, the goodie bag included mouse pads because I wanted to experiment doing embroidery on them but didn't want to use a good one since they run about $4 - $5 a piece now even at Walmart.   So I did this.  Using Heat & Bond Ultra and beautiful fabric from my collection I created these.  Being an embroiderer there was no question that I had to add a monogram.  They made my desk top a happy place now.

But of course I couldn't stop there.  Once I noticed the totally ugly promotional design was ghosting through I went on a mission to find some plain white ones and create some for family and friends.

Then I thought well what the heck else would be a nice complement sitting near the computer and I remembered that I had this in the hoop round coaster design.  I found the design ages ago for free from "Penny & Mandy at A Design in Stitches".  Today as I'm writing this I tried to add the link but their website sadly is gone.  I do want them to have full credit for the design as it is a charming accompaniment to the mouse pads I created.

I really appreciated the fact that there was no top stitching or raw edges on this coaster since I'd have difficulty sewing evenly around the edge of such a small item.

Fabric from Jo Ann's  Monogram from Rivermill Embroidery

The coaster just requires six 4" squares of fabric and a circle of stitches attaches them all together on the machine.  I stopped in the middle to add my monograms.

Riley Blake fabric

This set for me includes Five Star fonts Mug Rug design with a free birdcage design from a French Blog with many, many fun free designs.

A set I sold to a friend.  Sometimes it is difficult finding a pretty J in script.  This one is from The Itch2Stitch.

Mouse Pad is 7.5 inches and the Coaster is 3.5 inches.

The tall and skinny monograms work best to allow space for the mouse to move around.  Once I finished them I sprayed them lightly with Scotchguard fabric protector.  The coaster can be washed but I'm not certain about the mouse pad, but maybe just create another.

You wouldn't necessarily have to use them as a mouse pad, they are great for setting your scissors on while you sew or on the table as a trivet.  If you don't have an embroidery machine you certainly could just create them with fabric alone. 

If there is interest in how the coaster is created I'd be happy to post photos.  Hop over to my Facebook page for The Polka Dot Poppy and send me a message.  

If you'd like to purchase a set contact me there as well.  The Mouse Pad Mug Rug Set is $22 or the Mouse Pad with Coaster $20 plus shipping of $3.  Mouse Pad with coaster and no embroidery $16 plus shipping.  Just 2 choices on the monogram, either Script or Echelon as they are the only ones that fit.  I do use nice fabrics.


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