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Creepy Crawly Cakes

Eeek!  Spider Cakes!!! Here's a super easy edible craft for kids to do for Halloween.  I'm all for easy and inexpensive.  A dozen or so running down the length of your table would make an adorable centerpiece for a party.  Kids can make them and take them for a party favor.  Googly eyes keep them from being too terrorizing.       Here''s what you need -- "Snowball"  cakes, (got a box of a dozen at Walmart) some bendable drinking straws, Necco wafers (found those at Dollar Tree) and some cake decorating gel.  You could also use large marshmallows for the eyes if you can't find the wafers or gel.  Just cut them with scissors dipped in water and stick an m&m or Hershey drop in the center.  Do cut away a bit of the coconut topping so that the wafer or marshmallow will stick to the snowball.  I also trimmed the straws a couple inches.  My snowballs were pink but any color will work.   My littliest grandson Dylan can even do these.  Boys