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Where does the time go ...

Can it already be fall?  What happened to summer?  Parties, graduations, weddings, visits across the country, house sale, moving, new business endeavors.  It wasn't as though I was idle.  I promised pictures in my last post so I am determined to be a better blogger from this point forward.  I am at least back at it before the baby is about to start school but he has been born and he is certainly precious.  His nursery is beautiful and his Grandmother doting and to hear her you'd think he was sitting up reading to all the other newborns in the hospital.  I totally understand her love and she won't be an ordinary Grandma either.  Stork done entirely with flowers and an elegant little carrot nose.  Dendrobium orchid plumage The shower was a beautiful event and as expected the centerpiece, as you can see, was an unbelievable creation done perfectly by my sister.  Give her an inspiration and she certainly can make it bloom - pun intended. Left are the