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Monogrammed Mouse Pads

I attended a convention this summer and as is almost always the case, you end up with a few promotional items to bring home.  I was happy to see that this time, the goodie bag included mouse pads because I wanted to experiment doing embroidery on them but didn't want to use a good one since they run about $4 - $5 a piece now even at Walmart.   So I did this.  Using Heat & Bond Ultra and beautiful fabric from my collection I created these.  Being an embroiderer there was no question that I had to add a monogram.  They made my desk top a happy place now. But of course I couldn't stop there.  Once I noticed the totally ugly promotional design was ghosting through I went on a mission to find some plain white ones and create some for family and friends. Then I thought well what the heck else would be a nice complement sitting near the computer and I remembered that I had this in the hoop round coaster design.  I found the design ages ago for free from "Penn