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Polka Dot ribbon of course! The past few weeks my sister and I have been scratching together a plan for the perfect baby shower to provide a little nest feathering for her only daughter who is expecting in August.  We decided to put our spin on the ideas presented in Phyliss Hoffman's Spring Celebrate magazine and include our own touches.   Of course not being ordinary grandmas, we loved the idea of foregoing traditional baby blue or pink or ducks or lambs or teddy bears.  This, we decided, will be and understated elegant affair.  The "About to Hatch" theme suited us perfectly.  Knowing us well, my dear niece just said, "You two do what you want - you will anyway."  I must say we certainly do love a guest of honor with no preconceived notions or opinions.  We didn't even have to henpeck her into submission. Wrens hatched in a flowerpot in my garage For those who have not seen this edition of the magazine the centerpiece includes a pair of st