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The Blue Plate Special

It's a new year and everyone knows that aside from organizing our closets the other annual rite of passage is committing to losing a few pounds.  I've discovered that the very best way to ensure you won't sabotage your diet the very first week of January is just put off even starting one before Valentines Day.  It works for me. While perusing the Internet the past few days I have run across some extremely interesting tips to help in the pursuit of a smaller waistline.  Aside from swearing off all white food - and please, I'm not intending to be racist here - you can just take a whiff of peppermint whenever you're feeling hungry and it will quell your desire to eat.  Well this is good news isn't it!  Those yummy little peppermint patties could actually help you lose weight! Who would have thought. The other even more intriguing tip for me and one in keeping with my love of decorating is to eat off a blue plate.  Food allegedly is not as appealing on a blue p