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Summer Fun Sewing

After tree removal, stump grinding, shrub trimming and garden mulching I can finally concentrate on SEWING again!  Summer is in full swing and the retail stores are gathering their pumpkins and I'm in the midst of summer sewing.  I know school will start next month but I just can't seem to get in sync with their seasons.   Come on!  When it is pushing 90 degrees I am not thinking about turkey and stuffing!!   I'm thinking about flowers, beaches and pools, watermelon and lemonade. I had a great time and became inspired on my trip over to Birmingham, Alabama the end of May to join 1500 other similarly obsessed women who enjoy appliqué and embroidery at the Everything Applique Conference.  I especially enjoyed visiting the vendors and getting great deals on fun fabric. Fat Quarters from TJ Fabrics in Alabama Really, how adorable are all of these?  Of course I had to own the polka dot fabric to live up to my name and the chevron, well you just can't seem to get yo

Women & Wine -- Why Not?

My hair dresser Cathie had been after me for a few months to attend a little networking group in my community called Women & Wine on Wednesday.  Since I had exhausted all excuses and the holidays were over I conceded that it might prove to be an interesting evening, I committed to attending.  Besides, I like wine. I was trying to figure out an effective way to promote what I do to all the new women in business that I'd be introducing myself to.   Since my embroidery is not something I do for myself very often and I'm of the age that I feel fabric looks better on my house than it does on me, I had to step back and think about it for a bit.   I was within 2 hours of heading out the door so it had to be a quick project.  I needed an accessory and it had to be bold but not overpowering because that just isn't me. Truly on a whim I grabbed a beautiful hot pink Pashmina scarf, coincidentally my corporate color, and headed over to my machine.  WOW!  I loved it. So, out

Polka Dot Project - The Little Mommy

Despite the lack of activity seen on my page and in my store, I have indeed been busy at my sewing and embroidery machines.  Thread was a flyin' for weeks but most of my holiday embroideries literally were parceled out as gifts for family and friends.  Finally as we jump into January and days begin to lengthen once again, I can take the opportunity to feature some of my projects. First on my list was finding a "not so creepy" baby doll for our 18 month old granddaughter for Christmas.   I was actually looking forward to purchasing something that wasn't going to require batteries, a charger and a computer technician for a change.  It seemed as though it would be a pretty easy undertaking.  After the sleigh stopped in to the 3rd store in one day I wasn't so sure.  Maybe I'm just particular but it didn't seem to me that there were that many options. I settled finally on this -   a sweet little Cabbage Patch Newborn.  They smell like baby pow