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Women & Wine -- Why Not?

My hair dresser Cathie had been after me for a few months to attend a little networking group in my community called Women & Wine on Wednesday.  Since I had exhausted all excuses and the holidays were over I conceded that it might prove to be an interesting evening, I committed to attending.  Besides, I like wine. I was trying to figure out an effective way to promote what I do to all the new women in business that I'd be introducing myself to.   Since my embroidery is not something I do for myself very often and I'm of the age that I feel fabric looks better on my house than it does on me, I had to step back and think about it for a bit.   I was within 2 hours of heading out the door so it had to be a quick project.  I needed an accessory and it had to be bold but not overpowering because that just isn't me. Truly on a whim I grabbed a beautiful hot pink Pashmina scarf, coincidentally my corporate color, and headed over to my machine.  WOW!  I loved it. So, out