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Marmalade Monday

 Mahoney-McGarvey House Brunswick, Georgia Quattro Itagioni jars covered with polka dot paper printed myself and tied with silk cord. Ceramic spoons can be purchased at Crate & Barrel Instead of allowing the fruit from our Kumquat tree to merely decorate the front lawn I have an annual marmalade making ritual each February.  Ta Da!  There are my lovely little jars. Since I can't even preserve a thought typically, this has proven to be an interesting enterprise on my part.  The single most important point I've learned in marmalade making is never, ever, EVER take your eyes off the pot of boiling citrus sugar mixture.  Results are disastrous and the clean up means you will be wearing syrup in your hair.  How you ask?  Well from trying to clean up what oozed under the cook top of course.  Had a small child tried to cross my floor they could have been glued there into perpetuity.  A pint of Kumquats will set you back $3.99 at my local grocery store which makes th