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Christmas Snowflakes

It's Christmas. Very Fashionable Snow Couple There's no people like snow people. Maybe it will snow.  We really need it this year.  We need a blanket of soft and beautiful snow to comfort us all this Christmas.We need the brightness and light and sparkle on the earth.  We need the hush it brings to busy streets so we can focus on each other and not the hustle.   We need the drifts to slow us down and remember what the season represents. I've been thinking so much about little children, as we all are of course, and how they are like little snowflakes - each one different and delightful.  Gifts from heaven sparkling with innocence and purity. Dancing around on the earth with a spirit of their own to some melody unheard to most of the rest of us. Joyful and happy, free and light. As a child I'd ever so gently and carefully catch snowflakes on my mittens and study their uniqueness.  Dare touch one and it would simply disappear.  Soft flakes would kiss my c